Idaho Childcare Power of Attorney

When do you need a Child care Power of Attorney? You’re going under long-term medical treatment and grandma and grandpa will be taking care of the kids. Or maybe you are taking some time to get your life in order and your sibling will be watching your child in the meantime. Whatever the reason may be, if the stay is going to last for a substantial amount of time, you will likely want your child’s caretaker to be able to take care of your child. If your temporary absence is long enough, proper care will include registering your child for school, obtaining medical treatment, and more. Unfortunately, without the proper authorization, your child’s caretaker will not be allowed to do everything necessary for your child. Things could really get complicated if you are not around to authorize the various services needed to meet your young one’s needs. Of course, your child’s caretaker can always file for guardianship. If you’d like, that’s something that Post Falls Law can help you out with. But, honestly, a guardianship proceeding will cost you time and money. Even if you don’t hire us (and you do it by yourself) it will still cost money (and more than likely a LOT more time). Alternatively, if you do a little advanced planning, you can simply execute a “Power of Attorney Delegating Parental Powers” for free instead. Idaho Code §15-5-104 provides an easy fill out the form. You can access the free Idaho Power of Attorney Form at this link:

No, I’m not trying to talk myself out of business, but it is such an easy and simple solution. And that’s what Post Falls Law is all about: simple solutions for our clients. Now that you have the form, you can see that it is super easy to fill out. While you don’t need to have it notarized, I recommend it. While not all places require a notarization, you never really know which. So, it’s best to just get it done right in the beginning. Plus, if you bring it into Post Falls Law we can notarize it for you for free. But what do you do with the form once you have it? Don’t worry, you don’t need to file it anywhere. Just make sure your child’s caretaker has it handy when they go to register your child in school or enroll your child in a program that requires parental authorization (or even across national borders). Now, there is one slight catch with Idaho’s Power of Attorney Delegating Parental Powers. The Power of Attorney can only be delegated to the child’s grandparents, the child’s aunt/uncle, or the child’s sibling. Yes, you guessed it. If the child’s sibling is the one vested with the Power of Attorney, that child must be eighteen or older. Sorry, friends, godparents, and minor siblings don’t qualify. For those cases, we’ll have to use a different tool. (208) 328-6215 and we can help you either way. If you need a copy of the simple Childcare Power of Attorney form for free or a more customized option, we got you covered!

Post Falls Law can help you with Childcare Power of Attorney