Car Accident

When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents and injuries can honestly be terrifying experiences. Painful and confusing, many people’s first thoughts are not to immediately seek legal counsel or find a personal injury lawyer. Things such as hospital bills and car insurance are often how the conversations start. However, protecting your legal rights in the case of an injury or accident is very important. Especially when the fault of said accident may lie with somebody else. So, to get right down to it…


The point of a personal injury case is to determine fault in the case of someone suffering harm. If somebody else besides you is legally responsible for something that happened to you, you may very well be entitled to compensation. Especially if the incident results in you not being able to work or in general not be able to take part in certain aspects of life. It is definitely your prerogative if you’d like to take the incident to court, but most of the time personal injury lawyers solve these through more informal methods.

Car Accident

​Most disputes of this nature are solved informally because the process really just amounts to a discussion. Arbitration and mediation are great tools that still involve lawyers and two sides representing different interests, but they skip on the time and cost associated with taking a debate to the courtroom floor.


Victims, or plaintiffs, have a window of time to hire a personal injury lawyer. This window is called a “statute of limitations “ and depends on the state and the crime. A plaintiff may have one year, two, or five to file a claim. In Idaho at the time this article is written, generally, the statute of limitations is not more than 2 years. However, it may be more or less depending on who’s at fault and what happened. So, make sure to check with an attorney about your particular circumstances.

Come to Post Falls Law with any questions you may have! We’re more than willing to help with any negotiations or suits when it comes to your well-being and what you’re owed. It’s almost December and with Christmas music comes snow and ice. Car accidents are scary and while we don’t want them to happen, you know who you can talk to if they do.

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